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Guided Tours in France with Guest in the City

Britons to France

Every once in a while, we like to leave our islands for a while and spend some time abroad, getting to see new things and experience contact with different people and cultures. That's the charm of tourism, and the British people literally have no excuse not to do so, with so many countries with rich cultures and varied climates just across the sea. 

The European mainland has fascinated Britons for a long time, and for good reason. It's full of treasures to discover and it's so diverse that there is something for every taste. Many of these countries attract millions of tourists every year. For example, Mediterranean countries like Spain and Italy await you with their welcoming people, fabulous weather and delicious food. The beaches of Portugal are one of a kind, and the hidden wonders of Eastern Europe guarantee endless adventures and as much eye candy as you could wish for. Read More...

Discover cheese, ham and balsamic in Italy

Mediterranean food at its source

Mediterranean meals have recently become a strong trend because of their nutritional value, healthy properties and all around delicious taste. This diet has evolved for centuries, based in the local production of Mediterranean areas such as the south of Spain and France, and countries like Greece and Italy. 

A wide range of products can be found in Mediterranean meals, from the classic olives and lots of vegetables to countless types of fish, great cheese, a bit of meat here and there, the world famous pasta, and tasty condiments of all sorts, just to cite a few. Mediterranean food is certainly a delight to your tastebuds, as well as the rest of your senses. Even further, the Mediterranean lifestyle valorates meals as the center of their social and family life, so when you eat a Mediterranean lunch the right way, you will sit at a long table with plenty of delicious food, surounded by loud laughter and smiling faces, in a very warm atmosphere. In the Mediterranean coast, meals are a celebration of love and life, and you should definitively go there and live it by yourself. The experience will never be matched in a British restaurant where they serve Italian food, no matter how authentic and skilled the chef is. It's just not the same thing. Read More...


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